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Language for Exchange

Improve your language skills online

Improving your language skills online with native speakers can be done very easily and for free through our Video-Chat.

You can practice your language and call whomever you want, whenever you want, without leaving the comfort of your home.

You only have to follow these simple steps:

  • Register on our site.
  • Choose the persons you'd like to be your language partners.
  • Send them a message.
  • Enjoy your language exchange.

Practice your second language abroad with native speakers.


You can also participate in a language-exchange arrangement abroad, organized directly between families. This is done between two families, each offering the hospitality of their homes reciprocally.

If you’re a college or a high school student and would want to use your summer vacation to learn a language by doing an exchange-trip with a member from another country, at LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE you’ll discover that it can be done much easier than you thought.

All you have to do is find a member who would like to do an exchange with you and you can travel to the home of that language-exchange friend. Read more

Later, you will have the chance to host your exchange-friend in your home and treat them as well as you have been treated in their country.

LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE is also based on the principle that this language exchange abroad be free of charge, within the terms agreed on for the exchange. You do not have to pay any money to stay in your chosen exchange-friend’s house nor do you receive money when they stay in your house.


marinapego     Country: Spain Age: 19

It all started last summer when I was so jealous of one of my friends whose name is Adri. She has travelled more than me during her short life! I was arguing with my mum about it when she said, “Find your own way to go outside of Spain”. And that’s what I did.

I was looking for a website and I found this site by chance. I clicked on Search to find girls who were of my age more or less. After that, I sent to 2 or 3 girls my message, “Hello! I’m looking for someone to improve my English with”. Read more

I have nearly lost hope when one day I received a message! It was from a very nice girl.

After some months of talking via Skype, we both purchased plane tickets for this summer. We are making an exchange! Thanks to this website, I’ve found a friend and I’m going to have the best trip I could ever have to the UK. My dream has come true.

And that’s not all. Today, my friend told me that she will be going for the Erasmus in the city where I’m studying. So thank you so much, languageforexchange creators!

aaron15     Country: Ireland Age: 18

Thanks for the incredible adventure I had after registering with this website.

I don´t think I´ll ever forget the summer I had in Paris in Albert´s house. What a huge city! It was great to get to know it like a Parisian, and not just like a tourist as I always had been when I travelled there with my parents. The trip also helped me improve my French and we´re already thinking about dates for next summer´s exchange. Read more

I´d just like to tell everyone that this way of meet new people and travelling is a great idea.

soho     Country: United States Age: 21

This is the third time that we are going through a language exchange abroad. We speak English at home, but I would like my children to be bilingual by learning to speak Spanish.

This is to be another wonderful and exciting experience for my family. Last summer we had an exchange and it was truly amazing for all of us. The girl who stayed with us went to school in the mornings and learned a lot about NYC. Read more

Aside from being able to have new friends, she was able to share with us many interesting information about her country and their culture. It was therefore an excellent opportunity for us to understand other cultures.

My girls now plan to go to Europe again next year and spend some time in France, Italy, London, and Spain.

I know that other mothers out there might have some fear or anxieties about these language exchanges abroad as I did at the start. It is for that reason that I am writing about our actual experience, which I would describe as nothing less than rewarding.



Bonjour, je m'appelle Manon-Jade, j'ai 14 ans et je souhaiterai pouvoir correspondre par internet voire par lettre normale avec une correspondante anglaise. Je suis allée à Londres en fin d'année et j'ai adoré cette ville. J'espère que vous allez avoir envie de me connaitre et que l'on puisse lier une véritable amitié. A bientôt j'espère. ------------ Hello, my name is Manon-Jade, I...

I Speak: French

I'm Learning: English

Age: 14 Country: France Language Exchange Abroad: Yes


Hola, me llamo Rebeca, tengo 28 años y vivo en Madrid. Me gustaría mejorar mi nivel de inglés en compresión y expresión, actualmente tengo un B2 en inglés y acudo a clases particulares. Yo te puedo ayudar a aprender español. Me gustaría encontrar a gente para intercambio de idiomas por la zona norte de Madrid. ------------------------------  Hi! My name is Rebeca. I'm 28...

I Speak: Spanish

I'm Learning: English

Age: 28 Country: Spain Language Exchange Abroad: No


Hello! My name is Carmen. I'm 41 old and I live in Valencia, Spain.I have a daughter, she,s 16 years old. I love learning languages and I am looking for language partners in English and french, too. I would like to do a language exchange trip to other countries.

I Speak: Spanish

I'm Learning: English French

Age: 42 Country: Spain Language Exchange Abroad: Yes


Hi I'm Toni, I live in Alicante (Spain) and yes, I´m a magician... I´m interested in sharing my language. As I'm about to start a new adventure to go live in Manchester, so if you live in Manchester so much better, because I am interested, get to know the situation of Magic in Manchester and also the accent there. I can teach you Spanish and so the two can practice and improve to achieve a...

I Speak: Spanish

I'm Learning: English

Age: 39 Country: Spain Language Exchange Abroad: Yes

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