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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions





LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE is website created for the exchange of language and country between two or more users, whereby each user practices the language of the other.

¿How does it work?

LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE is an easy-to-use, intuitive system. You only have to follow these six simple steps:

1. - Register on our site.

2. - Search our database.

3. - Choose the person.

4. - Send them a message.

5. - Travel to the country of your exchange friend.

6. - Enjoy your language exchange.

It costs you nothing but the plane ticket.

Later you will have the chance to host your exchange friend in your home and treat them as well as you have been treated in their country.

LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE is also based on the principle that this language exchange abroad be free of charge, within the terms agreed for the exchange. You do not have to pay any money to stay in your chosen exchange friend’s house nor do you receive money when they stay in your house.

What are the possible groups of language exchange abroad?

When setting up LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE we took into consideration the following groups of people:


If you’re a college or high school student and want to use your summer vacation to learn a language by doing an exchange trip with a user from another country, at LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE you’ll see it’s much easier than you thought. All you have to do is find a user who wants to do an exchange with you.


This is another way of doing an exchange. More and more high school students choose to do an entire school year in another country.

You could be one of them, and avail of the benefits that this experience will add to your education.

There are many other advantages to using our system. When you arrive in your exchange country you will stay in the house of your chosen exchange student, who will already be a friend because you will have already exchanged several emails and video calls. And, most importantly, their family will treat you in the same way that they would want their child to be treated by your parents in your own home.


This option is increasingly requested by students from universities around the world.

European universities established the ERASMUS program to facilitate this type of student exchange, and similar programs exist in American universities.

If you’re a student who wants to study abroad, and you’re starting to plan your trip, your main concern is likely to be finding accommodation in the destination country, and covering the cost of it.

This is where we come in - we make the task of finding accommodation much easier for you. You simply register on our site and look for a university exchange student who lives in your chosen city.

The idea is that you stay in a room in their parents’ home or in an apartment they share with friends and, in return, they will have a room in your home.


Already part of the working world and beginning to see how important it is in your company to have knowledge of languages if you want to improve your job prospects? If this is you, and you’ve decided to take time off work to travel to another country, to immerse yourself completely in the language needed for your job, then LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE is here for you.

When planning your trip to your chosen country, cost will no doubt be a major factor to consider. So here’s our proposal: sign up as a LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE member, find someone who’s also into doing an exchange, and you’ll find that your accommodation won’t cost you a dime!


If you want to get some practice in a language, then LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE is just right for you. Register on our site, enter the Chat, and you’re sure to find an exchange partner to practice languages with – without having to step outside your door.

What advantages does it have?

The advantages of our student language exchange abroad system are numerous. Look at these for example:

Learning a language in a natural way, speaking with people in the country chosen for the language exchange.

The cost, this is another of the major benefits of participating in LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE. It’s not only a good system for you but you will also make a considerable economic saving.

The average cost of a summer course works out at about $2,500 for three weeks. You can do this trip for only the cost of the flight to your chosen country.

Moreover, there is no limitation on the duration of the language exchange - just the time agreed with your future language exchange friend.

Below we give you an idea of what a language exchange might cost: Language exchange between two members from European countries: e.g. Spain and the United Kingdom €100.

Language exchange between two members from two different continents: e.g. France and the United States $500.

University student exchange for the duration of an academic year:

In this case, the savings you can make are significant. The average cost of a room in a shared house, in a European or US city could work out at around $350 a month. If you multiply this by the number of months that you plan to be there, you have found a good reason to sign up with LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE.

And, a very important factor, you’ll be staying in the place of your choice, with all amenities, and spending your time with the owners. You’ll see things the way natives do. It’s not easy to put a price on all this.

Who can participate in LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE?

LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE is open to anyone over 14 years, who wants to learn a language.

Is the system secure?

We make every possible effort to make LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE and STUDENT FOR EXCHANGE a safe site to visit.

When you contact a user for the first time, they will be a complete stranger. Later on you exchange messages, calls and photos.

By the time you arrive home from your language exchange abroad you will have established a friendship with that other person, by getting to know them, through mutual trust and a shared interest in doing a language exchange.

We recommend that you exchange as much information as possible with your potential language partner when planning your trip, until you are in no doubt that you've made the right choice.

Will my email be passed on to other users?

No, we will never give your e-mail to another user. If you decide to use the “Your Contacts” option in your user profile, you can contact all the users who want, without having to supply your email address.

Is there a formal contract for a language exchange?

Yes, we can provide a language exchange contract for all users. This model contract is available for you to use with the people whom you are going to do a language exchange abroad with, if you feel it is appropriate.

You fill it in with the relevant personal information for the language exchange abroad and give a signed copy to your exchange friend.

Users who plan to do the language exchange may decide not to use the contract. Even so, we recommend that you at least read it so that you are aware of all the elements necessary for making a language exchange abroad as safe as possible.

You can download the contract here:

Over-18 years exchange contract

Under-18 years exchange contract

What can be done to make the language exchange abroad a successful experience?

The main topics covered in the contract that we recommend you negotiate with your exchange partner are:


Confirmation of travel dates, which could include sending a photocopy of your booked airline ticket to the other partner.

Transport from the airport to the house of the exchange partner. Are you being picked up from the airport or making your own way to the house? As adults, you could find your own means of transport. Your language exchange friend, knowing their city well, can tell you the best way of getting to the house.


If you are interested in making a special trip while you are in your chosen country, this is also an issue that can you can discuss with your exchange friend. They will surely be able to provide you with first-hand information, and may even decide to go accompany you.


This is a very important matter and should be discussed and agreed beforehand in order to avoid any problems and misunderstandings when you arrive in your country of destination.

Our recommendation is that any issue affecting your living arrangements during your language exchange, i.e. meals, shared use of the house, schedules if any, and possible use of vehicles, should be agreed beforehand.

How much will I pay for the language exchange?

You don’t have to make any additional payment for each exchange you do.

Premium Membership

Language for Exchange offers you the opportunity to pay for certain services offered on the site.

Language for Exchange’s premium services include various opportunities to find and meet additional people, to customize your profile and to boost your profile so more people find you.

These are the advantages of our Premium Members:

Unlimited number of private messages.

Your profile will appear highlighted (in yellow) in the search results.

Your profile will appear on the home page.

Your profile will appear at the top of the search results.

All of these premium services can be purchased after you register, and you may subscribe to the premium services for various lengths of time.

Once you have paid for any premium services, they are non-refundable.

FAMILY REGISTRATION: Additional information for parents with children between 14 and 17 years.



What is our idea?

If your child is between 14 and 17, and wants the experience of a language exchange; to take that first trip alone to another country; and live with the people of that country, we at STUDENT FOR EXCHANGE can make all of this possible.

Our idea is very simple: it involves a reciprocal exchange between students. Your family receives the exchange student chosen by you and your child into your home, for the duration of time agreed between you, and your child travels to the exchange student’s country, staying in their home, to repeat the same experience.

What does the family registration involve?

LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE is open to anyone over 14 years, who wants to learn a language.

A minor from 14 to 17 years of age, can register in our page without the authorization of his parents.

In LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE we have designed in addition a language exchange system in which the whole family can participate, the " FAMILY REGISTRATION ".

This system is designed to protect minors and to prevent any potential risk to them when using the Internet.

For it, the father or tutor of the minor it has to register also in our page and click the button " FAMILY REGISTRATION " in the window " MY ACCOUNT " inside his user's profile. Here the father can inscribe his children minors between 14 and 17 years who want to learn languages.

To do this, the parent or tutor must also sign up on our page and click on “FAMILY REGISTRATION in the window "My Account”, inside his user's profile. Here the father can inscribe his children minors between 14 and 17 years who want to learn languages.

Family data: The only family data that will be requested is “country, city, house”… in the parent profile and this will cover all other members of the family.

The parent can monitor the age profile of people their child can contact for future language exchange or have conversations with in the LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE Chat, i.e. whether these people can be over 18 or not.

The parent may also participate actively in the search for potential exchange students for their children by contacting other parents and talking to them in order to foster the mutual trust needed to carry out a student exchange abroad.

And, apart from participating as a parent in your child’s language exchange with another student of his age, you may also participate within our site as an adult. You just need to activate your profile to have an online language exchange in our Chat with other adults. In this way you too can improve the level of your chosen language.

What are the benefits of LANGUAGE FOR EXCHANGE?

The advantages of our student exchange abroad system are numerous. The most important of these is the personal development of your child through participating in this experience.

Your child will live with people of another culture and another language. It will be an incredible experience and make your child more independent and more responsible.

They will learn a language in the most natural way possible, talking to people in the country they have chosen for their exchange.

This will increase their range of vocabulary and they will hear the true accent of the language they wish to learn, the way real natives speak, including the normal imperfections of all spoken language.

When we set up this student exchange system we thought of you, as a parent, and made every effort to avoid your child running any risk during their exchange experience.

Your child will be happy to have the chance to experience this unique opportunity, to be alone in a foreign country, without their family by their side.

However, you as a parent will have had the chance to get to know the parents of the exchange student chosen by your child, to have agreed on the conditions for doing the language exchange abroad.

All this will help you rest assured that your child will be well looked after at all times, as your child’s exchange partner will be looked after in your home.

What issues should I agree with the parents of the exchange friend chosen by my child before doing the exchange?

The main topics that we recommend you agree with the family of your child’s exchange partner are:


Confirmation of travel dates, which could include sending a photocopy of your child’s booked airline ticket to the other partner.

Transport from the airport to your house or the house of the exchange partner, if your child is being picked up from the airport or is making their own way to the house by yourself.

The logical thing, as we are dealing with minors, is that the parent will pick up the language exchange student.


Likely trips, excursions or visits within your exchange country should be agreed beforehand.

With minors, the most natural thing is that these visits are made in the company of the host parents.

If you're interested in making a special visit in your exchange country it is a good idea to discuss this issue with your host family to see if it would be possible. We are sure that, with plenty of goodwill, it should be easy to come to some kind of arrangement.


This is a very important matter, as we are talking about adolescents, and should be discussed and agreed beforehand in order to avoid any problems and misunderstandings when you arrive in your country of destination.

The parents who are hosting your child will be responsible for their safety, in the same way you will be responsible for the safety of your child’s language exchange partner. It is therefore a good idea to agree beforehand, especially about going out times and any restrictions that the children must comply with in either of the houses, to avoid future problems.


It is important to know the eating habits of your exchange family. Remember, it is likely that their usual eating habits do not coincide with yours, and may even be very different – but this will surely become more of a benefit than a disadvantage, and you will quickly get used to the food.

If there are any particular circumstances, for example, the family is vegetarian, or the exchange student needs to follow a special diet, then it is vital to address this issue before embarking on a student exchange abroad.


The general rule in the case of minors may be that the host parents bear the general expenses of the language exchange student chosen by your child.

You should agree in advance the costs that the host family will pay and the money that the child will need for their personal expenses.

What do I need to know before my child travels to another country?

This issue is very important. You need to know the requirements necessary to enter the country chosen for the language exchange abroad and for residing there during the time agreed.

Each country has a different policy regarding the admission of foreigners and there are different types of visas depending on the person's country of origin.

As a general rule, you can go to the embassy or consulate of your destination country, where you can also apply for a visa if necessary. If the language exchange occurs between two European Union citizens, then a visa is not required.

Also, please see the policy of the airline you book with regarding children traveling unaccompanied by an adult, as these rules vary from company to company.