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Pen pals for adults - Language exchange in Nigeria by MegaLove.


45 years | Nigeria

I'm 45 years old, single, a hard-working but equally hard partying man. I enjoy meeting and being around people. I'm at my best when I'm having fun with people who make me laugh (because that's what I do most often...laugh). I enjoy snuggling up with someone, watching a good movie, almost as much as I enjoy a good party. I guess you can say I'm a romantic at heart: the thrill of having those nervous butterflies...ooh! Just for fun, I party, read, surf the net, waste my time watching movies and listen to music. My taste in that happens to range from rave, hip-hop, R&B to your romantic oldies. So, that's me in a nutshell...
Honesty. That's all I basically want from my ideal match. If nothing else then just be honest. He should obviously be caring, sweet, know how to treat a Friend. It doesn't matter what his hobbies & interests are, as long as he's willing to spend some time doing what I like as well.

Native Language English


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MegaLove speak English and want to learn French


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