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Speak Spanish abroad

Speak Spanish abroad: How to learn Spanish in Spain?

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To learn Spanish in Spain is one of the best options to improve one’s learning of this language. Most of the students who want to improve their Spanish choose this option because they realize that, although they have been for many years studying it in school,  their Spanish is not good enough to pass some of the official Spanish exams (such as the “DELE”).


The reason why students decide to study Spanish in Spain is that they want to master this language and they want to have an unforgettable experience in this country.

One of the most interesting ways to learn Spanish in Spain is through an exchange. By going through an exchange in Spain one can learn Spanish in a fun and entertaining way without having to spend so much.  In Language for Exchange we help you to find your exchange pen pal to go to Spain. When your Spanish pen pal comes to stay at your house, you will be his/ her host; and so when you travel to Spain, your pen pal will be your host. You can do this for free because you just have to pay for the travel to Spain.

There are many different ways to do a Language exchange:

Summer students exchange in Spain: as a student, you have free time in the summer, so why don´t you spend it in a Spanish home and learn the Spanish language and culture? You will learn Spanish without realizing it. After that, your host will come to your home and you will help him or her with your native language. Sign up in Language for Exchange and find your Spanish pen pal to do an exchange in Spain.

Language exchange in Spain during the school year. This kind of exchange is highly recommended to learn Spanish in Spain because you will have much time to improve your Spanish. You can do it easily. Just sign up in Language for Exchange and find a pen pal who wants to learn your native language.  Contact him/her so both of you can do the student exchange.  While you are at his/her house, he/she will be at yours.

If you are working with little time to learn Spanish, then you can make a language exchange with Spain while you are on vacation. Take advantage of your holidays to do the exchange and improve your Spanish level.  Just find your partner in our web page.

If you are interested in any of the exchanges with Spain to learn Spanish, then sign up in Language for Exchange and find a partner who best suits you. Send him/her a message and start learning Spanish in an easy and entertaining way.

Sign up for free at Language for Exchange and find your language exchange partner to speak in Spanish.



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