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Speak Spanish abroad

Speak Spanish abroad: How To Speak Spanish Abroad?

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Learning how to speak Spanish abroad is a good option for those students who want to learn this language. Most of them decide to do this when they realize that their speaking is not as good as they expected after having spent many years studying the language.

The main advantage of learning Spanish abroad is that, by this way, apart of learning Spanish with the courses you will have programmed, you will live in Spain and so you will be speaking all day with native Spanish speakers. And after all, that´s the best way to learn correctly how to speak a foreign language such as the Spanish one.


In Language for Exchange we offer you a different way to learn Spanish: by an exchange abroad. Find a Spanish pen pal and plan together your exchange. You will travel to your Spanish pen pal´s country and you will live with him/her in his/her house and, after this, your pen pal will do the same with you. The basic idea is to do this by free, this means that you won´t pay anything for your accommodation and so neither your Spanish pen pal will do.

This exchange abroad allows you to live in the country you are visiting as a native because you will speak Spanish in Spain with a total immersion in the language and culture.

Furthermore, with this exchange abroad we are different on the Internet because we are the only language exchange portal that offers this service.

There are many different ways to do this language Exchange, here you have some examples:

International student exchange during the summer: if you are a student you can do an exchange during the summer holiday with a Spanish family. Just sign up for our web page and find a pen pal with whom you will be able to do this exchange

International student exchange during the school year: this is another interesting way to do a Spanish exchange. You will stay at your Spanish pen pal´s house during the school year and so he/she will do the same at yours.

Workers exchange during the summer: if you are a worker this option will benefit you a lot. You will travel abroad and learn how to speak Spanish during your summer holiday. In our web page you can find your Spanish pen pal and organize your language exchange.

Do you want to learn Spanish abroad? If so, just follow these steps:

  • Sign up for Language for Exchange
  • Search our database for a partner to be your Spanish pen pal and learn Spanish with.
  • Send him or her a message
  • Learn to speak Spanish with your pen pal.

These are the latest registered users whose native language is Spanish and who would like to learn English.


These are the latest registered users whose native language is Spanish and who would like to learn English. 


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