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If you want to speak Spanish Online, the best way to achieve it is by practicing how to speak it. However, that is very difficult for most students to achieve because it is not given enough importance.

You must be able to identify the sounds of Spanish words to learn this language correctly. To know the correct pronunciation of each word is as important as knowing how it sounds within a sentence.

Phonemes are very important to distinguish meanings. For instance, “pack” and “park” are two different words, but whose pronunciations are similar. However, we are able to distinguish them because each one has a different phoneme (/æ/ and /ɑ /)

How to learn to speak Spanish?

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When we want to learn to speak Spanish or any other foreign language, it´s important to understand that the best way to do it is through listening. Even those people who have been for many years learning Spanish find some difficulties with listening.

Most of the traditional ways to learn Spanish are based on books, verb lists, and pictures.  They are very helpful if you want to master the grammar, but if you really want to converse in Spanish fluently with a native speaker, the best way to achieve it is by listening to it. This rule is as simple as it is important.  The more you listen to Spanish, the more vocabulary you will learn and the better your pronunciation will be.